The Solution for 2007 GL8 Engine “P0315 Crankshaft Position System Deviation did not learn”

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This post is available with how to solve P0315 Crankshaft Position System Deviation did not learn.

Car:2007 GL8

VIN:LSGUD82CX7E0 x x x x x x

Failure code p0315 crankshaft position system deviation not learned

Use Launch X431 V 8 inch Tablet:


  1. Select automatic search
  2. Prompt for vehicle information, as shown in Figure 1


  1. According to the real-vehicle transmission system, select the automatic.
  2. Select a rad base radio based on the actual vehicle radio configuration.
  3. Select the quick test to prompt the ecm (engine control module) to fail.
  4. Select ecm.
  5. Read the fault code, and prompt the fault code: the deviation of the position system of the crankshaft of the p0315 is not learned.
  6. Select the engine action test, as shown in Figure 2.


  1. Select the read-out step as shown in Figure 3


  1. Select the crankshaft position deviation study.
  2. The prompt card will drive the wheel and set the parking brake, as shown in Figure 4.


  1. indicates that the brake pedal is depressed and maintained, the engine is started and idle, and a/ c is turned off. The vehicle must be in the park or neutral position, as shown in Figure 5.


  1. shows that the throttle is released when full speed to full throttle is applied and the throttle is released when the fuel is throttled. Because the vehicle is a v6 engine, the rotation speed cannot exceed 5150r/ min, and it is noted that the rotation speed cannot exceed, as shown in Figure


14.shows the operation prompt, as shown in Figure 7. Please operate as required. During operation, the engine speed will be high and low for a period of time, which is normal. The fault code is re-cleared after the prompt learning is successful. Close the key, exit the software, and end the operation.