Toolset32 BMW Exx LM module short counter reset

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BMW ICOM Toolset32 manual of how to reset LM module short counter to BMW E series:

Have spent quite a lot of time researching until finally got it done properly. Due to lack of information how to do it, I have decided to sum up my findings all over the internet.

Hope this saves someone lots of time of Googling…

Estimated time to do it is no more than 10 minutes, assuming that you already have INPA working properly, and have DATEN file which corresponds to your FRM2 module.

I have done this on E70, ‘09 year, it had FRM2 module. So the manual is based on my own experience, and my searching results.



So here we go:

Open Toolset32 (it’s a part of BMW standard tools package) you’ll see a screen similar to mine. Choose: File Load SGBD, Group File

Or just press F3


  1. Next you have to load the .prg file. Choose FRM_70.PRG switch the ignition ON assuming that the

cable is already connected to the car and your PC and then click Open.


  1. This is what you get when opened. Remember to connect the cable to the car first, switch Ignition, and only then try to open the .PRG file. Before going any further, you should find which line has ‘shut down’ due to short, and check the short count


  1. From ‘Jobs’ list, scroll down and select ‘status_lampen_kurzschlus_counter’, then hit ‘F5’. Check the ‘Results’ window, here you see all available line ‘names’. Check the name of the line which after word ‘_counter =” has different value than ‘0’. This is the one that you probably need. Note it, you will need

it later. Minimize the results window for now.


There are 3 minimized windows, take up the ‘Tabellen-Info’ window. From the drop down list choose the ‘LAMPNRTEXTE[3][39]’, click on it and the info you get is marvelous

This is what I have found so hard to understand what to write in the ‘arguments’ window. These are the ‘lamp/line’ numbers, it will make way much easier to find exactly what you need.

Remember what you noted before and find the corresponding name in the list, then double click in the ‘LAMPNR’ column, it will insert the needed data in to the ‘arguments’ window. Now minimize ‘Tabellen-info’ window and take up the results window. You will need it later.


4.It is time to do the actual reset procedure.

In the ‘Jobs’ scroll list find ‘steurn_reset_kurzsclussab…’ , click on it. In the ‘arguments’ window you should have some text and numbers like ‘LAMPENR;0x1E’, inserted from earlier steps. Make sure checkbox next to ‘Data’ has a tick in it. Hit ‘F5’. And You are done!

‘steurn_reset_kurzsclussab…’ is what worked for me. I found that others report that they have chosen ‘_reset_kurzschluss_sperre’. I have tried both of them, and it seems that it didn’t do any harm to my vehicle. Make sure that in the ‘Results’ window JOB_STATUS says OKAY.

PS.: When I did mine it didn’t say OKAY, but after few tries I got OKAY, and after few seconds I got my DRL light working again! YAY.


Note: Tool32, same as e8x e9x e7x only instead of choosing FRM you need to select LM module. On Google manual floating how to reset short circuits counter for FRM . Just follow the instructions but instead FRM LM module.
Good luck