(Update) V8.3.0 JMD Handy Baby can clone Audi 4th/5th generation key

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 JMD Handy Baby car key copy auto key programmer update to version 8.3.0! It can clone Audi 4th/5th generation keys. It’s easy to do and 100% safe, also JMD keys can use for cloning and programming with other tools.

A-JMDA01: 754C, half keyless, use for Audi Q5/A4L/A6L/A5/A7/A8

A-JMDA02: 754J,full keyless, use for Audi A4L/Q5

A-JMDB01: ID8E use for Audi A6

Handy Baby Version V8.3.0 :

Audi half keyless 754C clone

Audi half keyless 754J clone

Audi A6 ID8E clone

Audi 4th generation ID48 clone

BMW motorcycle 4D70-DST80 clone (online)

Chevrolet Lova 4D70-DST80 clone (online)

Great wall H6 (Diesel) ID46 generation

GM 4D70-DST80 generation

Fix the known bugs


Tip: Please ensure the Handy Baby is JMD Company made so that you could update online.




Handy Baby Update Steps: