VAS 6154 clone vs. VXDIAG VCX NANO

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VAS 6154 clone = VXDIAG VCX NANO? The same?


The answer is: NO!

VAS 6154 clone and VXDIAG VCX NANO are different!

First, Vdiag vcx nano due to size it needed a cable extender in order to fit in an Audi obd2 connector. This is the main difference with VCX6154. VCX nano being similar to VCX nano pro enjoys the same firmware frequent upgrades, however only pro version can be added with more license add ons for different makes.

VCX can be powered by usb port which means it can be upgraded easily using then vcx app. vcx nano worked perfect with odis-s 3.0.3 and in addition now comes with with api-pdu 1.20.040 support which means odis-s 4.1.3 compatibility. However with odis-e dont expect you will be able to flash successfully.

Second, vas 6154 clone will never work with odis online. Only oem SN of 6154 will work with odis online, all 6154 clones will be on the black list. Vw could not lock the SN Clone for 5054 but could lock the SN Clone for the 6154.

Summary: Anyone who wants to use odis online must purchase oem 6154.

Clone 6154 = Odis offline

For me, Vas 6154 can be connected by wireless connection, the function is very stable.

Note 1: drivers for VAS 6154 clone

With VCX nano I use the one below

VX manager. You can download this from the vxdiag web page.
Latest Version:V1.4.2 Build 0927

Have tested and it is compatible with the new VCX6154.
Works good

Note 2: vas6154 user manual

If you mean for chinese clone Vas6154 then nothing different like Vas5054 since as we discuss many times the clone Vas6154 is just a Vas5054 in enclosed box case of Vas6154………
If you mean for original Vas6154 then you can found official user guide for the Vas6154 on the Odis main installation folder and on the \Selbsthilfe\ by to select your prefered language and then to click on the index.html…….

Note 3: firmware update

clone vas6154 is nothing like vas5054a.  It is a chinese technology very similar to VCX nano. Dont try to flash firmware with VCX nano or clone vas6154 without testing first on a spare CU. They have bluetooth but not amb2300, so they cannot be firmware updated (only from their app), could not find memory modules on these clones, no oki on clones either.

Note 4: vas6154 window 10

Clone head can works but for to works as we know and we discuss on the forum you must use the previous Pdu Api 1.20.041……….
Original head works with latest Pdu Api 1.20.042…………
For to use Vas5054a under windows 10 some sellers they saying works but of course must be made modifications…….
Under windows 7 no need any modification since is the only OS that supported officially……..