VIDENT ilink400 Scan Tool good for GM Car?

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I met a trouble: which kind of scan tool is suitable for my 2000 GM car. I search my problem on the form and got some answers.

My problem:

Several days ago, I got a 2000 GM car and need a level three scan tool that can do activation and configuration, plus read all available codes across all the modules in the car. Has anyone used one of these and have anything good or bad ideas? By the way, I’ve looked at the clone Tech2s but the internet is hit or miss as to how well they work.


  1. You can actually download software to turn your laptop into a tech tool. It’s like 50 bucks for a day. So if your just looking to program a module it’s not that bad. You’ll need a pass thru connector though.


  1. I endedup stumbling across the VCX Nano, that provides a USB output to a laptop that runs a Tech2 emulator program. It appears to have all the functionality of a real Tech2 except for flashing new images to the ECM, and even that appears to be possible with some creative work.


  1. You need a approved interface such as a pass thru or mongoose to use tech2win on a laptop. I haven’t personally ever heard of that particular brand/model of scanner. The autel ones work fair for the money. The launch one that Matco etc are good but at a higher price point. One of my employees uses a Maximus. Personally I own a verus pro. You could buy a older solus etc cheap that will suit your needs. Many of them and the ethos and modis are no longer updateable and tool truck guys practically have to give them away.


  1. I don’t know the technical details, but the Nano connects to the OBD2 port and uses a USB cable to connect to the laptop. I have no idea about the software, other than it seems to work for people. My automotive background is rooted solidly in 70’s-80’s GM, where a good Fluke 88 and some basic brainpower could get you all the way through the basic systems then. My first ECM-equipped car used CCC with a E4ME, and my newest uses the 160-baud ECM with batch-fire and speed-density. Dead-nuts simple and easy to work on.


  1. It is the software open for all car manufactures or need to buy software for each car manufactures.

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