Vvdi 2 Program Smart Remote BMW 730Li E66

auto key programmer

Bmw E66 push start remote have key slot , program with Xhorse vvdi2.

  1. Insert original remote into slot and turn on
  2. Open software vvdi quick start, click open BMW software
  3. BMW version 5.25, click connect


  1. CAS type: CAS 1

CAS remote control frequency: 315 mhz

Key number: 4


  1. Get key information: add key you should insert a working key into ignition and connect device with car before continue, press “next”


  1. Take away key from ignition switch before press ok


  1. Connect to CAS, save key information: there are 4 keys in system

5-Vvdi-2-Program-Smart-Remote-BMW-730Li-E66 6-Vvdi-2-Program-Smart-Remote-BMW-730Li-E66

  1. Save key information file


  1. Choose key number 5 to program


  1. Prepare dealer key with vvdi 2 programmer 

9-Vvdi-2-Program-Smart-Remote-BMW-730Li-E66 10-Vvdi-2-Program-Smart-Remote-BMW-730Li-E66

  1. Now key already programmed, try to start

11-Vvdi-2-Program-Smart-Remote-BMW-730Li-E66 12-Vvdi-2-Program-Smart-Remote-BMW-730Li-E66

  1. Test remote OK