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VXDIAG VCX Nano is widely used by car manufacturers to make ECU online diagnosis and reprogramming. It has dedicated models for VAG, GM/OPEL, Toyota etc. Here’re FAQs about VXDIAG VCX NANO for GM/OPEL.

Frequently asked questions and answers about Vxdiag diagnostic tool for GM/OPEL (Wifi version & USB version):

Part 1: VXDIAG NANO operation
Part 2: VXDIAG NANO supported GM/OPEl models & functions
Part 3: VXDIAG NANO software (update, version, installation etc.)
Part 4: VXDIAG NANO windows system required
Part 5: VXDIAG NANO supported languages

Part 1: VXDIAG NANO operation

Q: How does this tool work with your car?
A: It connects to the OBD2 connector under your dashboard. You use a laptop to connect to it. The software comes with it to install on a newer laptop. I use a Win7 64-bit. The software to read vehicle diagnostics and codes runs in a “virtual” term window on the laptop that emulate a 32-bit WinXP machine.

Q: Works with wifi and USB? Both way?
A: The USB version can only by USB.
Wifi version can be both USB and wifi.

Q: Do I need an obdii usb adapter? (USB version)
A 1: No, this serves as the OBD2 to usb adapter.
A 2: VXDiag has its own obdII, it also comes with the cable from VXDiag to pc.
A3: This is a obd2 to USB interface. Plug it into the OBD2 port and USB in to laptop, run software and your good to go.
A 4: No, the vcx is actually the adapter.

Q: Is the wifi point to point? Or does it need a router to go through? (Wifi Version)
A: This device creates an ad-hoc wifi network with your computer so there’s no router involved.

Q: Is this officially licensed by gm?
A: No it’s not it’s more like a clone tool but definitely works great does 99% of original tool. You can use TIS2Web and gain access to all modules in vehicle.

Part 2: VXDIAG NANO supported GM/OPEl models & functions
Q: Will this work with a 2005 Chevy cobalt?
A: Yes! It works with all GM vehicles. And most others.

Q: Will this work on 2003 chevy silverado2500hd with 6 liter motor?
A: Yes, it can work for your car.

Q: Will this work to scan and clear bcm codes on a 1999 pontiac grand am gt? will it work for all the systems and programming on this same car?
A: I would say yes. To my knowledge, the GM hardware TECH2 hand held device is compatible with all GM models for years 1996-2011. The TECH2WIN is the windows version of that tool, both developed by GM. The same functions are performed when using the Windows version combined with a J2534 adapter, and in this case the (VXDIAG). This tool should be able to diagnose/program your BCM/EBCM as I’m not aware of another method released by GM. The same goes for all the other systems on the car. The codes can be cleared by following the procedures in the GM repair manuals.

Q: Does this work for saabs?
A: Saab old vehicle not work, only for saab vehicle after 2010 year.

Q: Will this work on 2013 chev avalanche? More specifically, will it read the suspension code for this vehicle?
A 1: Yes, you can read.
A 2: It should using GDS2 not Tech2Win.

Q: Will this work with 2000 gmc yukon to calibrate hvac system?
A: I can give a general answer for this. I do not have a VCX NANO for GM but do have the NANO for Ford and it works well for basic things but don’t advise flashing your modules with it. The Ford NANO comes with hacked Ford IDS and it works (although I use ForScan software mostly).
The GM version of VCX NANO comes with a cracked copy of GM TECH2WIN, which emulates TECH2 functions in Windows when used with a GM MDI or emulator like the NANO and TECH2WIN software is capable of performing the calibration in all of the GMT800 platform vehicles like yours (you must have the software working). These guys use VMWare workstation to run a pre-built virtual machine with the OEM software that is fooled into thinking it is licensed. The Virtual machine should work if your PC has enough memory and CPU to support it. I have a TECH2/CANDI so I don’t need this one but a friend has the NANO GM and says that it works. Hope that helps.

Q: Will the software clear a “service high voltage charging system” code from a 2012 chevrolet volt?
A: Check you coolant level.

Q: Can I program remote keyfob for cadillac srx 2010 with this devices?
A: Yes shouldn’t have an issue.

Q: Will this work on 2004 pontiac grand prix gtp to program ecm?
A: Yep.

Q: Will this clear srs airbag codes on a 2011 Chevy equinox?
A: That depends on if you fixed what was causing the code in the first place, but yes using this with the gds software can clear those codes.

Q: Will this work for a 2008 Hummer H3 Alpha to remove check engine light due to use of magnaflo cats?
A: Sorry, it doesn’t support.

Q: Does it read abs codes?
A: As long as you have a GM vehicle that is 2000 or newer, yes

Part 3: VXDIAG GM software (update, version, installation etc.)
Q: Is there update software that includes the cadillac elr?
A: Included.

Q: I am a gm tech, will this work with the software we already use for the mdi?
A: Hi, the device is a replacement of original tool work for GM MDI.

Q: Does anyone know why I can’t install the jm2534wrapper software from acdelco sps ? It’s the only thing holding me back from programming.
A: Please make sure you have installed pass-thru driver.

Q: Do you need a subscription to use gds 2 and tech 2 win?
A: No.

Q: What are the software version?
A: 2018 version.

Q: Is there updated Tech2win software? I haven’t found any new version than I have but its missing GM vehicles.
A: Tech 2 was replaced by GDS2 in 2009 or so, so this product comes with latest available version.

Q: My virus scanner and Chrome browser said that there is malware in this program. Is it safe or not?
A: Please close the antivirus software and firewall, otherwise, it’s unable to download the program. Please do not worry. The program is safe and we’ve sent to many customers. All can use well.

Part 4: VXDIAG NANO windows system required
Q: Will this work with windows 7 professional 64 bit? It says 32 bit but GM programming requires 64 bit
A: It comes with a virtual machine and the program to get it working. That virtual machine has 32 bit windows 7 installed on it, so your OS version on your actual machine doesn’t matter.

Q: Will this run on Windows 10 64 bit system?
A 1: GDS2 software compatible with Windows 10 and windows7 32bit,
tech2win software windows7 32bit, so, suggest windows7 32bit
A 2: It should run on a 64 bit system with no issues. 64 bit systems can run 32 bit code or 64 bit code.
A3: It will most likely run a Virtual Machine (VM), won’t matter. Everything windows 10 is backwards compatible with 7.

Part 5: VXDIAG NANO supported languages
Q: What languages does Vxdiag GM GDS2/Tech2Win support?
A: GM Tech2Win software only supports English. GM GDS2 software supports multi-language, including Indonesian, Czech, Danish, German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Burmese, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Croatian, Romanian, Turkish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Creek, etc.