VXDIAG NANO GM Windows 10 64bit Review: Covered New & Old Cars

car diagnostic tool

I’ve only had a few minutes to play around with VXDIAG VCX NANO GM programs.

Windows 10 x64:

Installed the drivers/Tech2Win under Windows 10 x64 (no virtual machine) and everything installed just fine, though it didn’t copy over the included Tech2Win memory cards. It installs GM MDI manager even though opening it comes up with “Not Connected to MDI” and doesn’t do anything else. I set up a SAAB NAO V9.250 bin for Tech2Win and it’ll launch and navigate the Tech 2 menus, and I can see the indicators for data flow from the vehicle to the “MDI” and from the “MDI” to the computer.

However, when trying to access features, I either get an i-bus error or it says wrong vehicle detected. The wipers occasionally come on and I hear the SID chime. Hopefully it’s a simple setting I have to change. The default COM port was set to 9600 baud. Tried changing it to 57600 with no change.

If I were to get this working, we know we can use the existing methods to get security access, and therefore will have a complete Tech2 solution for cheap… it’s just a matter of getting it working.

Windows XP:

I tried installing everything into an XP VM, but I had an issue where the MDI driver install would have you try to register the MDI by plugging it in. Since it’s not an MDI, this fails and it rolls back the software install. In my native Windows 10 install (and the video posted), the same screen pops up for a second and disappears automatically… I’m sure this has something to do with the automated install script that has you install everything.

The COM port speed thing I noted in an earlier post won’t affect anything, really- that port is just for communicating with the tool for firmware updating and whatnot. When Tech2Win is launched a new port is created for actual diagnostic stuff.

It’s nice that I can actually do some light diagnostic/monitoring stuff using the GM NAO bin that I can’t do with, say, a cheap BT OBDII adaptor like live misfire/timing advance/whatnot, until we somehow convince them to update the driver to support SAAB I feel like we’re stuck with a half-useful product. For what it’s worth, I emailed the manufacturer and pointed out the issue (and how there’s a workaround for the Mongoose) and asked them to look into it as there are many people who would kill to have a cheap, usable Tech2Win solution for their SAAB.

New and old vehicles covered:

It should work on any 2003+ 9-3. NG9-5 and 9-4X likely work with GDS2 or whatnot.

Tthis is basically along the lines of the Mongoose/MDI we’ll never see support for the older vehicles.

Anyways, a few things:

The software installs the MDI apps, but the device never appears in the MDI manager (not sure if it should, though). However, using the “J2534 Configuration Application,” there’s a tab for “ALLScanner – VXDIAG” that you can check boxes for enabling monitoring.

Launching the GM NAO bin an choosing, say, a 2006 Caddy CTS 2.8 allows me to view live engine data (OF COURSE CYLINDER 3 IS MISFIRING! ). So the tool’s definitely legit and should work…

…however, so luck running the SAAB bin. Every time it tries to connect the car goes nuts and flashes lights/beeps/whatever. Won’t communicate. If this is related to the Mongoose Low Speed CAN issue, then we’re boned until driver is changed to have similar functionality. So close, but so far away at this point.