VXDiag Nano & VAS6154 can’t Flash with Odis-E. Which tool can?

car diagnostic tool

The VAS6154 or VXDIAG can only Read DTC,CODING.

Flashing with ODIS-E dont´t work with this TOOL.

You can Repair or Reflash this with good VAS5054 org or Clone Tool on Win7 or with older Versions 100% work, have Reflash the Dashboard on A6 4F 3.0 2006 today.

You can try new Installtion with Windows7 on Virtul Maschine and Choose the VAS5054A in Launcher when you install this.

Best Solution at Moment VAS5054a with good OKI or Used org VAS6154.

Tip 1: Flash with VAS 5054A

With Vas 5054a full chip good quality with odis-e,

ODIS Service is the « normal » diagnostic software. Without Geko account you won’t be able to do any updating/flashing.

So either need 5054, and purchase subscription from VW and use ODIS Service to perform these jobs. That is, you must have valid license and valid online account for online flash.

Or without subscription, need 5054 and ODIS Engineering and offline flash files.Odis 6.0.9, odis 5.0.14 or odis 3.0.3 should be ok……old OIDS-E is working fine with it..

For offline flash you must use the Odis Engineering. For online flash you must have valid license and valid online account……..

Be careful when updating VAG ECU’s. It is best to read all relevant TPI when flashing VW cars, as some flashes require other work to be performed to work correctly, and not all flash files are appropriate for all cars/engines. TPI is the only source of information I know to check for this info.

Tip 2: Flash with VAS6154


Via VCI manager download odis driver if you did not.
Go to Diagnostic (My apps) click Odis. Download/Install driver

Check if you have a newer firmware.

VCX6154 is definitely not VAS6154. It is not even a clone. It is a diagnostic made by VCX in a shell that tries to resemble vas. VCX nano for VW was wider and could not fit into obd port without an extender. Thus VCX 6154 was created. (PCB looks cheaper than VCX nano WIFI)

VCX6154 probably works with odis-s 4.1.3
With odis-e 6.7.5 or 7.2.2 I dont think it can flash because my VCX nano Wifi for VW could not.

When it works 90% (diagnostic wise it works flash does not) it does not work properly, does it??? Flash capability is as important as diagnostic capability. For me it is more like 50% important.

Well if it can flash show this capability on youtube or on VCI / VCX website. Marketing and Reality is totally different.

VCX6154 please use correct name. If it can flash or it cant you have to say and demonstrate in case it has this capability. If it cannot flash then it is overpriced and only possibility (for flashing) would be VCP or VAS5054a. My VCP does a better job than any VCX so does VAS5054a (which I had for a day for flashing purposes)