VXDIAG VCX NANO GM Programming ECM Review

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I was looking into these a few weeks back and figured users here would already be using these. Might get one and try it out. Now to get the VXDIAG NANO GM from chinacardiags.com and wait a month from China.

I spent some time yesterday getting this setup and working at least for the Tech2 functions and i think this going to be great. It can be a bit of a pain to get running depending on your computer and OS but I will report back more on that later. 

I have not tried to use it for flashing the PCM but I plan on doing that once I am sure it is running stable. I was having Tech2Win crash unexpectedly sometimes a hile the Tech2Win and the programming software are separate I would feel more comfortable after I figure that out. I think it is the old windows tablet I have it loaded on so going to try a laptop today and see if I have better results.

It is pretty cool to read all the real time data with the Tech2 vs a generic iPhone app. Excited and nervous to try flashing the PCM but should be fine.

Things I’m planning to do with flashing the PCM:

I had concerns about what changes were done to the ECM programming before I got it and wanted to reprogram it to ensure it was running the stock GMPP tune. I info I got from the previous owner was not always consistent, so I reprogramed it this morning using the GM VCX Nano. For programming, the setup was very easy and worked flawlessly. GM offers the software subscription now for $40 for two years per VIN. Dealer wanted 110 so if you own one of these or any other compatible pass-thru device you can do it yourself cheaper.

I have also been using it to run Tech2Win on a windows tablet and laptop for diagnostic info. This was one of the main reason I got it, and the info I get from this is much better than the cheap scan tool I have. Getting Tech2Win to run properly can be hit or miss depending on your computer or OS it seems. Runs fine on some and not at all on others. I have been running it on a small windows tablet that is underpowered and sometimes crashes so not the best choice but works well enough.

I ordered mine from chinacardiags.com because I am impatient, but you can get them about $100 only if you don’t mind waiting a few weeks. All in all I would say I am pretty happy with it. Anyone that is relatively local to the Philly area that ever needs a Tech2 or some programming hit me up I would be happy to help.

Nano driver:

It does have its own drivers that install basically just USB to Serial drivers. They include the drivers for the Tech2Win communication and another one for the pass-thru function. You can use the Tech2Win version included, or it can be purchased from GM as well. The module programming software subscription can be purchased from the ACDelco TDS site. 

It is per VIN now for a 2-year term where I saw it used to be unlimited for three days. I don’t expect to need it again anytime soon for my car but nice to know I can replace a module or ECM as needed on my own. If anyone gets one and needs any help I will do my best. 

I was on the fence about getting it because the information on it was kind of all over but I am happy I did. Now if I could just get a few sunny days to get out and get this car fixed would be nice.

One other thing I forgot to mention. Not sure if they are all like this but at least on the one I received the license seems like it will expire in 2020 and obviously that is not very far off now. Not sure what happens after that and how or if it can be renewed.

Vehicles compatible:

It’s like they have 2 Tech IIs for older and newer cars

They actually do, but the new one isn’t called Tech2. The Tech2 (and Tech2Win) is compatible with everything from the beginning of OBD2 (1998?) thru 2007. In 2008 GM started transitioning new platforms to GDS2 and completed the transition in 2014, after which everything uses GDS2.

The two systems are not compatible, and neither will work in place of the other. As of 2015 at least, GM had no plans to make GDS2 backward compatible.

The Tech2 is mostly standalone and can do everything except programming/flashing without a network connection. Tech2Win is software that allows a PC to emulate a Tech2. For programming either one requires connection to TIS2Web and a paid subscription that can be as short as a day or as long as a year.

GDS2, as far as I know, will only work if it is connected to the network with a valid subscription to TIS2Web, but it is difficult to find a clear description one way or the other, so if someone knows differently please correct me. I would certainly get one of these to talk to my 2013 Equinox.

The VCX Nano literature says it is GDS2 compatible and mentions TIS2Web connection capability, but doesn’t say (as far as I have read) if it can do anything stand-alone.