What is PCMtuner ECU Chip Tuning Tool and Advantages

ECU Chip Tunning

PCMtuner currently supports OBD data reading and writing, which is the common ECU modification and tuning function. The function of reading and writing data through the OBD port is mainly used by the modification enthusiast Tuner. The BENCH mode can read and write the engine control system without opening the cover. The mode can be used for modification and tuning or for cloning the engine computer to read out flash map and epprom, BOOT mode, this mode needs to open the ECU shell to read and write data, the function is the same as BENCH.


PCMtuner equipment can provide online update wiring diagrams, provide online accounts, and provide tuner accounts for free to facilitate customers to search and use VR files. VR files means that when customers cannot directly read files from ECU, we can facilitate customers to search and use original files directly on the server. Write back to the ECU, provide WinOLS damaos ecu file calibration, engineering files, everyone knows that the ECU data is read out in 8 16 bit machine language, we can’t understand it, unless an old engineer with more than 10 years of experience judges it, but it can’t either. 100% accurate, that is, you need Damaos, A2L, or map package calibration files. Other peers are sold with a single file version number, and the price is very high.

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The above is the file after damaos is loaded, which is recognizable

Installation Steps:

When the customer gets the device, please ask the customer to connect the device USB cable to the host Host power on dongle smart dongle connect to computer Then log in to tuner-box.com to download the package


After downloading, there are 3 files in the compressed package


Please install the PCMsetup device main software


After the installation is complete, please run the PCMtuner software



After registration, restart the software, the software will prompt to contact the activation, at this moment the buyer will contact the seller The seller asks the user to provide the registered email address to tuner-box.com and we will activate it For the convenience of customers using virtual files and damaos Customers are required to install the VZperformance app or enter https://support.vzperformance.com in the browser to log in When you open the page, you will be prompted for an account and password When we receive a request from the seller to activate the device for the customer, we will simultaneously open a user account. The account name is the email address, and the password is also the email address by default.