What’s the difference of Ethernet in E series and F/G series?

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E series and F/G series Ethernet Difference

Good to hear that the Enet port goes directly to the OBD port when originally equipped.:

Ethernet in the E Series is only up to
transferring maps and data to disk,
this is the information in ISTA D,

Ethernet (DoIP ) in the F and G series
it’s a communication interface

it is started by connecting pin 8
(the ethernet port itself is inactive, without connecting the pin 8)
in ENET it is a resistor of 511 ohm 0.6W (to pin 16) + 12V
pin 3
pin 11
pin 12
pin 13
it does not require electronics, just an Ethernet cable and you can connect
like two computers

The Orange ethernet connector does not have an Eth_A pin, HSD cables have only four pins, and that four pins ar RX+/- and TX+/-.

therefore i think this connection is either always on, or will be activated via software.

i also came to a conclusion that there has to be some kind of switching fabric buit in into the CIC, because basically there are now three possible physical ethernet connections.

* OBD2 connector -> CIC Quadlock
* Glovebox USB Connector via DUB-E100
* HSD Cable -> RSE