which Tool can Make Key for BMW Cas4 CA4+ when all key lost?

auto key programmer

Today we recommend 3 items for you to Make Key for BMW Cas4 CA4+ when all key lost

Top1. GDI Prog BMW MSV80 key programmer


100% Works: can make new key on CAS4/CAS4+ all key lost

All Capabilities: GDI Prog BMW MSV80 key programmer can add new key for BMW CAS1/CAS2/CAS3/CAS3+ and match key for CAS4 /CAS 4+ when all key lost.

For the detailed workable CAS models, functions and working time, read the below table:


Need more informaiton, visit here:


CGDI Prog Review:

searched on google and forum, there are little reviews on CGDI Prog.

And then message to the users, they feedback CGDI Prog works fine as the described, worth the money.

Price: 489USD not incl. shipping


Top 2. VVDI2


VVDI2 can program BMW CAS4 all key lost

Which VVDI2 to have:

Option 1: VVDI 2 full version

Option 2:  VVDI 2 with BMW and OBD function and pay extra fee for the authorization of BMW CAS4+ functions.



  1. Original TM100


100% works: Original TM100 can program new key when BMW CAS4 CAS4+ all key lost.


1) Original TM100 full version with CAS4 CAS4+ key maker: 888USD not incl. shipping

2) If you have original TM100 standard version, you need pay for CAS4 CAS4+ key maker authorization (about 166usd).