Xtool X100 Pad 2 Pro- What is Working on or not

auto key programmer car diagnostic tool

Chinacardiags.com collected the users real test on what is Xtool X100 Pad 2 Pro working on or not. Share with you.

VW golf 4 2004 read pin code and add key -OK
Vw polo 9N 2002 read pin code and add key-OK

VW passat 2001 read pin code and add key-OK

Citroen c2 ,c3 c4 2002-2010 read pin code and add key-OK

Citroen c4 picaso 2013-OK

Citroen C3 2007 Add key 2 min job .Pin code allready new .

Skoda Fabia 2013-read pin code and add key-OK

Peugeot 407 2006 add key-OK (Thank you Terminator 1000)
Peugeot 307 2008 read pin code and add key-OK

Peugeot 308 2010 zear add key ,remote OK.Pin code i allready new .
Renault Megan 2006 key kard ,Read Pin code ,add key 2 min job

Chervolvet aveo 2009-add key -OK

Renault Megan 2005 read pin code and add key- OK

GOlf 4 2002 Read pin code-NOT GOOD
Golf 5 2007 read pin code OK ,but i cant to add key

VW POLO 9n3 dashboard 6q0920804 and ECU Siemens VDO Petrol SIMOS 9.1I tried to read pincode and fail(all working key is lost). i can not believe it (i tried and vagtacho 3.0, vagtacho 5.0, fvdi 2018 and i can not read pincode) any comment of that. n9 dVW on’t like that renault can’t insert pin code manually but it is automatic.

Opel Corsa C 2004 – Engine Z13DT can not read pincode, can not add remote, job finish with fvdi 2018 read pincode with fvdi and add key – remote can do with fvdi i used opcom to add remote.

FIat Stuco 2007 can not read pin code ,Can not add key problem like Fiat bravo

I tried to read pincode on FIat Bravo 2009 year. NOT GOOD. And if you have this problem just reset bsi and key is working . Do not tried to read pin code on fiat ….

Thanks to all the users’ share with X100 Pad 2 Pro. It seems X100 Pad 2 Pro can working on most.